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Email A/B testing

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Read the case study to know how to improve open rates by 20% with A/B testing! with ReachEngine in solving their pain points and successfully Increased number of leads and conversion rates.

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Company Overview

The retail e-commerce D2C company, a client of ReachEngine, was planning an email campaign for the new year 2023 sales. Over 2022, the company struggled with an open rate ranging between 0-5%. For the new year campaign, the company had planned an email campaign with emails to be sent over November and December to improve sales and enhance the open rate simultaneously.


The company, founded in September 2021, has built a sufficiently large email list of 10000+ subscribers by January 2022. However, they faced a low open rate of 0-5% for their emails in 2022. It has raised multiple challenges for them, including decreased sales, low customer engagement, lower-than-expected ROI, reduced sender reputation, etc.

A/B testing email campaigns


To overcome the challenge of improving the open rate, the company was advised to conduct A/B testing of subject lines by the ReachEngine team. The subject line massively impacts the open rate of an email campaign since the subject line makes the recipient decide whether to open the email.

improve open rate by 20% with A/B testing
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    They decided on their goal and created a strategy to run a test campaign two weeks before the new year campaign
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    They randomly picked the contacts and added them to either version A or B, keeping both segments equal in length. 
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    The criteria for differentiating the two versions was personalizing the subject lines. Version A had a non-personalized subject line promoting the test discount offer. In contrast, Version B's subject line announced the same offer but had a tag that fetched the recipient's first name.
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    Based on their user behavior, they scheduled the campaign in week 1.
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    Upon analyzing the results, they found out that the open rate for version B was 12%, whereas the open rate for version A was 4%.
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    With this result, they created the second iteration of the same test discount offer for week 2.
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    In this second run of the A/B test, they created two more versions of the subject lines. Version A had a personalized subject line written in an informal, amicable tone, used emojis, and invoked a sense of FOMO. In comparison, version B had a personalized subject line written formally and revealed the offer straightforwardly.
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    Upon analyzing the results, they found out that the open rate for version B was 11%, whereas the open rate for version A was 25%. Moreover, the revenue generated from this second run of the A/B testing campaign was found to be 13% more than the campaigns they ran in the previous months.


For the retail e-commerce company, the subject line was a significant hindrance in improving the open rate. The A/B test conducted over two runs revealed that a campaign’s open rate could be improved upon changing the subject line content.


personalized subject lines
  • For the customers of the retail ecommerce company, personalized informal subject lines worked better and motivated them to open the emails.
AB Testing
  • A/B testing can be an effective way to optimize the performance of email marketing campaigns by identifying what works and what doesn’t. By experimenting with minor changes in subject lines, messaging, and design, businesses can make informed decisions about improving their emails and increasing engagement with their audience.


The company should continue using A/B testing for its email marketing campaigns to improve its open rates constantly. They should also consider implementing A/B testing to calculate the performance of other email components, such as email content, email design, frequency of emails, etc., and drive better outcomes across the board.

Results at a glance

open rate

Improve open rates by 20%

ROI rate

Boosted email campaign ROI by 13%

About Franchise Consulting Company


Retail ecommerce


Target location:3%

Florida, USA



Low open rate

  • Low open rate


A/B testing subject lines

  • A/B testing subject lines


1. What is AB testing and how does it improve open rates?

In email marketing, A/B testing is a testing campaign that allows you to compare multiple versions of one single email. A/B testing lets you know the difference in performance, so that you can choose the optimal option to drive your email marketing results. A/B testing is a very effective way of pushing up your email open, click-through and conversion rates. ReachEngine’s analytics system provides you with detailed statistical reports which help in creating more successful campaigns and maximizing profits.  

2. Can AB Testing improve email deliverability?

  1. Test anything you want- subject lines, number of people to be receiving the mail, email content, send times and from names.
  2. Choose the metric you want to test: clicks or opens.
  3. The most effective campaign will be automatically sent out by ReachEngine.
  4. Fix the duration of your A/B test.

3. Can A/B testing be used to improve email deliverability as well?

AB testing helps you choose the best version of your campaigns- that is the one with less spammy words, more compelling writing, better subject lines. So, your email campaign after ab testing is meant to hit the inboxes of your customers without getting rejected. So, yes AB Testing does help email deliverability. 

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