Promethee’s Success in EngagingUsers of Genesys, Avaya NICE,and Mitel

Promethee's Success in Engaging Users of Genesys, Avaya NICE, and Mitel fi
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Promethee, a company dedicated to boosting customer contact centers and developing omnichannel customer experiences, sought to optimize their H factor by leveraging human and technological interactions to create memorable and personalized customer experiences. To achieve this, they needed to target users of
leading customer relationship management (CRM) and contact center software such as Genesys, Avaya NICE, and Mitel. Their goal was to enhance their solutions by engaging with companies that already utilized these advanced systems.

Why Promethee Sought Users of Avaya, Genesys, Avaya NICE, and Mitel:

Advanced CRM Capabilities:

Promethee specializes in optimizing customer contact centers and improving customer interactions. Avaya, Genesys, Avaya NICE, and Mitel are leaders in CRM and contact center software, providing advanced capabilities for managing customer relationships and interactions. By targeting users of these systems, Promethee could offer complementary solutions that enhance existing CRM functionalities.

High-Quality User Base:

Companies using Genesys, Avaya NICE, and Mitel are likely to have established customer service infrastructures and a commitment to providing excellent customer experiences. Engaging with these companies would allow Promethee to tap into a high-quality user base that values efficient and effective customer service solutions.

Synergy with Promethee's Offerings:

Promethee’s expertise in conversion rate optimization (CRO), improving call | quality, and enhancing agent performance aligns well with the capabilities of Genesys, Avaya NICE, and Mitel. By targeting these users, Promethee could demonstrate how their solutions could further optimize and enhance the performance of these already robust systems.

Leveraging Technological Integration:

Promethee’s goal to create a seamless and enriching customer experience involves integrating human and technological interactions. Users of Genesys, Avaya NICE, and Mitel are already familiar with leveraging technology for customer interactions. Promethee could introduce their innovative solutions to these users, highlighting the added value and integration benefits.


Despite the clear benefits, Promethee faced significant obstacles in engaging with decision-makers from companies using Genesys, Avaya NICE, and Mitel software. Their challenges included:

Difficulty in Identifying Target Companies:

Struggled to pinpoint companies specifically using Genesys, Avaya NICE, and Mitel software.

Lack of Reliable Data Providers:

Unable to find a decent B2B data provider that could offer accurate and up-to-date contact information.

Email Marketing Inefficiencies:

Faced tough competition for the attention of decision-makers, resulting in low open rates, minimal click-through rates, and poor conversion rates.


How DataCaptive and ReachEngine Changed the Sales Dynamic for PROMETHEE? In search of a more effective approach, Promethee made the right decisions to enrich their marketing campaigns by partnering with giants in the data-driven marketing niche

Partnered with DataCaptive for a targeted email database.

This partnership ensured that Promethee had access to an up-to-date and relevant email list of companies that use Avaya software, making it easier to reach the right individuals within their target organizations.


Utilized ReachEngine's email marketing platform to improve lead acquisition.

By Employing ReachEngine to enhance their email marketing strategies and improve lead acquisition. Promethee implemented A/B testing to determine the most effective ones.

Strategy Implementation:

By obtaining the necessary contact details from DataCaptive, Promethee joined forces with ReachEngine to implement various email marketing campaign strategies to acquire sales qualified leads.

1. Bulk Email Marketing Campaigns:

2. A/B Testing Subject Lines:

3. Personalized Email Campaigns:


Open Rate
Open Rate of 30.76%: 15,383 opens
CTR of 8.29% (based on total emails sent) : 4,145 clicks
Conversion Rate
Conversion Rate of 4.58% (based on total emails sent) : 2,292 conversions
Reply Rate
Reply Rate of 0.83% (based on total emails sent): 415 replies
Lead generation Generated 132 high-quality leads
Partnering with ReachEngine transformed Promethee’s email marketing strategy. With improved open rates, higher click-through rates, and enhanced conversion rates, Promethee successfully expanded their reach and effectively engaged decision makers in companies using Avaya software. The strategic use of A/B testing, personalized content, and varied email campaigns enabled Promethee to achieve their lead acquisition goals and drive business growth.

Recommendation to other companies

For companies aiming to elevate their email marketing initiatives, partnering with a reliable data provider and utilizing an advanced email marketing platform can make a significant difference. Here’s a strategic approach:

1. Collaborate with a Trusted Data Provider:

Partner with a reputable data provider like DataCaptive to ensure you have access to accurate and up-to-date contact information. This will enhance your targeting capabilities and improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

2. Leverage Advanced Email Marketing Platforms:

Use a sophisticated email marketing platform such as ReachEngine. These platforms offer innovative solutions and comprehensive A/B testing strategies that can help refine your marketing efforts, increase engagement, and boost conversion rates.
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Feedback from Promethee: “ReachEngine’s innovative email marketing solutions and thorough A/B testing strategies transformed our lead acquisition process. We saw substantial improvements in engagement metrics and overall conversions.”


1. How does ReachEngine support A/B testing in email campaigns?

ReachEngine facilitates A/B testing by allowing marketers to create multiple versions of email campaigns with variations in subject lines, content, or layouts. This helps identify which elements resonate best with the target audience, thereby optimizing open rates and engagement.

2 .How does ReachEngine help in automating email drip campaigns?

ReachEngine supports automated drip campaigns, allowing marketers to schedule a series of emails over time. This feature is useful for nurturing leads and maintaining consistent communication with prospects, leading to improved conversion rates and customer retention.

3. What were the key results achieved by Promethee after implementing their new email marketing strategy?

Promethee achieved an open rate of 30.76%, a click-through rate of 8.29%, and a conversion rate of 4.58% from their targeted email campaigns. They also generated 132 high-quality leads, demonstrating the
effectiveness of their approach.

Results at a glance

Improved open rates by 30.76%

Leads Generated 132

About Promethee Company




Aix en provence, France


Aix en provence, France

Difficulty in identifying target companies


Difficulty in identifying target companies

AB testing with subject lines


AB testing with subject lines

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