Run a Successful Email Campaign with ReachEngine’s Editable Checklist 

Never miss any step while executing email campaigns with ReachEngine’s exhaustive checklist and drive the best outcomes.
Run a Successful email campaign
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The ultimate email campaign checklist includes a step-by-step to-do list for planning, creating, and sending email campaigns.

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    Stage #1 : Analysis of Historical Data (Self)
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    Stage #2 : Analysis of Competition Data(Self)
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    Stage #3 : Analysis of your Buyer’s Persona (Demographic)
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    Stage #4 : Prepare your E-mail List
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    Stage #5 : Write and design a profitable e-mail
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    Stage #6 : Create and Run a Campaign
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    Stage #7 : Track the Campaign
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    Stage #8 : Avoid getting into Spam

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Sending an Email Marketing Campaign is a complex multi-step activity. From building an email list, framing the campaign idea, and designing the email templates to running the campaign and tracking it, your entire marketing troop works hard. After all that work, it can be disheartening when your subscribers don’t open your emails or, worse, don’t even receive them.
What if we tell you that there is a very straightforward system that you can establish to send all types of email campaigns? Our in-house experts researched, analyzed customers’ feedback, and studied survey data to achieve that system. All those efforts led us to this checklist which we are thrilled to share with you.

You can employ this same system for different emails – sales, marketing, and others. After sending the campaign, you can return to our email campaign checklist and track your traction using the Stage #7 Task List. But that’s not all. We have also included bonus steps a marketer should take to avoid getting in spam.

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Our Email Campaign Checklist Will Give You:

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    The most exhaustive list of 65+ atomic steps, including all stages, right from market analysis and ideation to the final tracking
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    Freedom to edit, add, or remove tasks per your business requirements
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    A detailed guide on every complex step ensuring a flawless email and a smooth campaign
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    Additional guide on how not to land in your subscribers’ spam
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    Ability to collaborate with the email marketing team virtually and delegate tasks on the go


1. What is ReachEngine's Editable Checklist for email campaigns?

ReachEngine’s checklist is the most inclusive checklist that you will come across in email marketing. Besides the freedom to edit, add or remove tasks, we also provide you with complete guidance on how not to get into your subscriber’s spam. Our checklist ensures complete collaboration with our email marketing team virtually and also allows you to delegate tasks to your team members on the get go.

2. Is ReachEngine's Editable Checklist customizable?

Yes, ReachEngine’s all-inclusive and never exhaustive checklist is completely customizable and editable. We are always flexible enough to make sure that you can get all your email marketing requirements met n the way you want.  

3. Does the checklist suit both small & large businesses?

Email marketing is a field where all kinds of businesses can thrive. To make it big in email marketing, you don’t need a huge capital to start. To make it big, you need a plan. That is precisely what our editable checklist provides. So, you completely utilize it irrespective of whether you are big or small. 

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